3-Foot Spear Enters Teen's Skull & Miraculously Misses Everything (VIDEO)

I wouldn't say I'm a diehard believer in miracles, but one Miami teen has changed my mind. Yasel Lopez was about to go fishing with his buddy, when the fishing spear gun they were using accidentally went off and shot 16-year-old Yasel straight through the skull. The three-foot-long spear entered above his right eye, shot into his brain, and came out the other side of his head. Miraculously (there's really no other word for it), Yasel not only survived, but doctors believe that he will suffer no major effects of this devastating accident.


Doctors say it took three major miracles for Yasel to come out from this devastating accident.

First, the spear went into the side of his brain that doesn't affect speech, so Yasel's language and speaking abilities remain fine. In fact, he was speaking to doctors all through his ordeal, which they took as a good sign, though certainly it couldn't have been pleasant for Yasel to be lucid through everything.

Second, the spear didn't hit any "vital structures" of the brain. And even more miraculously, the spear somehow didn't hit any major blood vessels!

Doctors are astounded at how lucky the teen is -- lucky in terms of the spear not doing any major damage, not lucky that a spear went through his head! Says one: "A constellation of circumstances came through in this amazingly freaky way."

As of yesterday, Yasel was speaking to the medical team in short sentences. And they think he suffers from "post-traumatic amnesia," which means he will probably never remember the spear going through his skull. So make that a fourth miracle!

Was Yasel lucky to come out of this, or what?

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