Mom Found Eating Ice Cream Naked After a Car Wreck Involving Her Kids

Stephanie DillardIt would be easy to say that the Texas mom charged with crashing a car full of kids into a city bus was a bad person. After all, cops allege Stephanie Dillard abandoned all three of her children at the scene of the accident, stripped down naked, and set herself up in a drugstore to eat some ice cream. Put it that way, and it sounds ... weird? Mentally disturbed, maybe?

Exactly, folks. There are only so many things a person can do wrong in the span of a few minutes before you have to start wondering if they were of sound mind when it all happened. And that's when people with even just a tiny ounce of sympathy in them have to drop the judgment and hope for the best.

So here's what I hope.


I hope that Stephanie Dillard gets treatment. Fast. Because boy does she ever sound like she needs it.

Cops can't say what even caused the car crash! But when you're in a crash with your 5-year-old, your 12-year-old, and your 16-year-old, and you climb out, leaving them right there to deal with their (minor) injuries themselves, chances are things aren't exactly "right" in your head at the moment. You don't even need to add the allegations about getting naked in a drugstore and eating ice cream. But the fact is, cops are saying Dilard did all of this. So you add bizarre action on top of wacky on top of just awful, and what do you get: a woman who is screaming for help.

I know, it would be easy to shake your head and say, "Uh uh, I've never done that, so why should I feel for her?" But part of being human is realizing that not everyone is perfect. If we want to improve society, sometimes what we need to do is throw out a hand and say, "here, let me help you." Judgement can wait.

If not for her, Dillard needs to get help for the sake of those three kids. They need a mom who isn't the naked ice cream eater that everyone in town is talking about ... at least if she wants them to grow up anywhere close to normal.

How do you feel about the Texas mom's predicament? Are you angry? Sympathetic?


Image via Harris County Sheriff

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