Rodney King's Death Is a Tragedy Even If It Was 'Accidental' (VIDEO)

rodney kingCertain people can stop pointing fingers at Cynthia Kelley, fiance of the late Rodney King: The Rialto Police Department believe she's telling the truth about what happened the day King died. Kelley, who was questioned extensively by law enforcement officials, said she heard King banging on the window at around 5 a.m.; not long after, she said she heard a splash. By the time she got outside, she said, King was at the bottom of the pool.

The police have reason to believe Kelley's story: Not only is she being "cooperative and forthright," the evidence being confiscated from King's home supports the idea that drugs or alcohol may have caused him to accidentally drown ...


Though there were no “outward signs” of alcohol or drug use, so far authorities have taken marijuana plants, a pitchfork, and a hoe from the property. Of course, we still won't have any real answers in the immediate future -- an autopsy was scheduled for this morning, but the results of toxicology tests won't be available for six to eight weeks.

Still, King never made a secret of his struggle with addiction. He went on Celebrity Rehab last year in an attempt to beat alcoholism. He also had a doctor's clearance for medical marijuana. I'm not saying either or both of these particular substances are to blame for his death, but I think it's safe to say that King was a troubled soul. And it's not uncommon for a troubled soul to meet an untimely, accidental end.

Rodney King's death was tragic no matter how it happened. Most of all for his fiance, I'm sure. Hopefully when we find out what went wrong, her name will be cleared and she'll be left to grieve in peace.

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