Jerry Sandusky Defense Claims 'Everybody' Showered With Kids

Jerry SanduskyThe Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial is reminding me a lot of a car accident on the highway. I don't want to watch, but I can't look away. And the latest bit that's come out from the former Penn State football coach's defense team is enough to make me throw up.

They actually put a witness on the stand this week to say that it wasn't "uncommon" for adult male coaches to be in the showers with youngsters. I don't think I have to read between the lines for you folks. The defense that they're putting up is essentially, "hey, everyone else did it!"

Remember how that flew with your parents when you were a kid? Oh, what, it didn't fly? Yeah, that's pretty much how I'm taking this one too.


We still don't have a guilty or not guilty verdict in the Sandusky sex abuse case. It is up to the jury. But if their best defense is "everyone else did it," I know what I'd say:

And if everyone else jumped off a bridge, young lady ...

The legal setting isn't much different from your childhood living room in that sense. "Everyone" doing something wrong doesn't get you off the hook. It just means you were another person screwing up.

Of course with Sandusky there are allegations that things went far beyond the showers, including claims that the Penn State coach pushed boys down to his crotch, encouraging them to perform oral sex and host of other horrific things. So whether there were other adults taking showers with kids or not, that kind of defense doesn't exactly answer the most hardcore of the allegations at all.

What's your take on the "everybody's doing it" defense in the Jerry Sandusky trial?


Image via Pennsylvania Attorney General

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