Dressing Room Peeping Tom Will Make You Paranoid to Try on Clothes

fitting roomA group of 25 women are suing a California Sears after the store's maintenance man was arrested on suspicion of videotaping the ladies trying on clothes in the changing room. Gah! Because the lighting in those dressing rooms wasn't bad enough? We really need another reason to avoid them like the plague?

I know I can't be the only one who is paranoid about dressing rooms to begin with. Just thinking about the germs is enough to give me the heebie jeebies. And there's always someone's annoying kid peeking underneath the door trying to give you a heart attack. But spy cameras in the walls? It's enough to end my in-store shopping days for good.


Police in North Hollywood are saying Alejandro Gamiz collected images of women changing in the dressing rooms over a three-year period using hidden cameras and peep holes in the store's walls. He has yet to be officially charged because the case is under investigation, but that hasn't stopped the freaked out women from filing their lawsuit.

Can you blame them?

The whole reason we go into dressing rooms is the need for privacy. If we wanted some creepy dude getting an eyeful, we'd just drop trou in the middle of the store and be done with it.

Part of this is the whole "OMG, I'm naked, thing." But there's something about the dressing room that makes us particularly vulnerable. We're going in there to test out clothes, to take risks with different fits.

That makes for some pretty unflattering moments as you figure out that this top is way too tight, and that dress takes a contortionist to zip up. As I huff and puff and suck it in in a fitting room, I'm pretty miserable. I don't even want my own husband seeing me like that, and he's seen me giving birth! And if he can't see me in there, you'd better bet that strangers are totally off-limits.

What would you do if you found out someone was spying on you in a dressing room?


Image via Rev Stan/Flickr

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