Police Investigate Rodney King's Mysterious Death -- What Really Killed Him? (VIDEO)

rodney kingLike many people I was dismayed to hear that Rodney King had died at the young age of 47. I know he lived a troubled, imperfect life, but I'd hoped he would someday outrun his demons. Now, with this tragic early end to his life, questions are swirling around his mysterious drowning. Police have announced that they're investigating King's death -- as they well should! 

Given King's history with substance abuse, it's not hard to imagine drugs and alcohol were involved. According to TMZ, King's fiance says he was drinking and smoking pot the night before he died. Police questioned her for hours and say she is "shattered" by King's death


According to King's fiance, Cynthia Kelly, King spent most of the night outside in their backyard. She slept indoors. Kelly seems to have had a conversation with King through the back patio just before he died shortly after 5 a.m. Was he screaming (as some reports say) or was it just a conversation? Why did he spend the whole night outdoors? Was it drugs, or did he have a stroke or other medical emergency?

So many questions. At the very least an autopsy would tell us a lot about what condition King was in before his death -- which could help explain his drowning. Police expect the results of King's toxicology report soon. Kelly is not a suspect, nor do police believe foul play was involved.

I'm not sure what to think. It sounds like he was at peace with his history and with himself during the last few months of his life. I hate to think that he drowned accidentally because he was drunk and/or stoned. But then, the alternative (foul play?) is worse. Police don't suspect foul play at this point. Hopefully in the next few weeks the investigation will shed some light on the early end to King's life.

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What do you think led to King's drowning?


Image via ABC News

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