What Do You Think of President Obama's Immigration Decision?

President ObamaPresident Obama's decision to allow young illegal immigrants to remain in the country is stirring up strong opinions among Republicans and Democrats alike.

Some view Mr. Obama's decision as a compassionate, ethical choice-- After all, these immigrants didn't make the decision themselves to enter the US illegally-- They were brought here by their parents.

Others say it doesn't matter who made that choice-- The fact is that these young immigrants are here illegally, taking jobs and resources that rightfully belong to legal immigrants and American citizens.

There's plenty to talk about here and that's why we're putting the issue to our political bloggers this week, asking them what they think about the President's new immigration policy.

We'll be hearing from them all week long-- In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the matter?


The conversation on this topic has been buzzing all weekend long on our Moms Matter Facebook page, with some calling the president compassionate and others asserting that the president made this immigration policy shift in a not-so-subtle effort to win the Latino vote in swing states. Check out just a few of these moms' thoughts:

"So if you break the law long enough... It becomes legal?" wrote Marcy. "BS."

"My nephew married an illegal immigrant,she came over w|her parents when she was 3," wrote Stephanie. "I don't think she should be deported for her parents choices.. they made that choice for her. There are lots of things we don't like.. But turn the tables.. What would we do for a better life? Punish the parents, not the children."

"Those kids will get the jobs and the college money long before your kid will," wrote Karen. "Think about all that work you've done. All the taxes you've paid. Guess whose kid goes to college and whose stays home. and guess whose money will pay for those illegals to go to college and take your kids' jobs. Ticked off yet?"

"All who are indignant about this need to learn a lesson in the history of this country. WE took it away from the native Americans who were living here," wrote Evelyn. "Unless we are full Native American, then our ancestors were immigrants to this country. Stop beating your chest and proclaiming to be a true American citizen if your origin was European or whatever... I think the President is right, very moral and understands the difficult situation these young people are in."

"Many of these "children" are well into their 30's and I do not see it as cruel to not allow them to continue to benefit from the crimes of their parents," wrote Nicole. "Has anyone bothered to notice the unemployment rate and limited opportunities for our own youth?"

"I understand anger against those adults who come here illegally, but anger against people who had no choice?" wrote Anamaria. "Young people brought as children who grew up here and know no other country, home or even language? How can you be so angry at them? It's not their fault! Where is your compassion people?"

The immigration issue is certainly a hot button one. Here's what out political bloggers have to say:

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