John Edwards Mistress Rielle Hunter's Memoir Won't Win Her Any Sympathy

rielle hunterRielle Hunter, grr, grr. You almost can't read her name without feeling angry about the woman John Edwards had an affair with while he was on the presidential campaign trail -- while his wife was battling cancer. That woman. Rielle's tell-all, What Really Happened (arghhh!) has landed, and from what I've heard about it so far it's just going to piss us off more.

Hunter tells us the charming tale of their courtship: Working as Edwards' campaign videographer, sneaking in and out of Edwards' hotel rooms, finishing her work as a videographer, still sneaking in and out of Edwards' hotel rooms. Then there's the exciting paparazzi chases. And oh, here's another gem, a phone call Hunter had with Edwards just before he was indicted.


Edwards says he could end up in jail -- cushy corrupt politician jail, that is. She asks him:

So if you went to jail, what kind of jail would it be? One of those country clubs?

He said, "Yeah."

"Where?" she asked.

"Probably Virginia."

So Quinn and I will move to Virginia. Virginia is a great state.

I know -- you want the last 10 seconds of your life back, right? And now you can't un-read that excerpt. FANTASTIC Rielle! Way to make lemons out of lemonade. Country club jail. Tell me more.

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John Edwards still pisses me off more than Hunter does. He's the one who had the affair, he's the one who was married. Rielle was just a star-struck woman who fell for him. She should have known better, but Edwards is the bigger jerk. 

But is anyone going to buy this story? I mean that literally -- does anyone out there want to spend their hard-earned money to read more about Hunter and Edwards? The parts of the book that aren't about the affair are about how Edwards doesn't get to spend much time with their daughter because he's with his older daughters. Well boo hoo. No one made her have a baby with a man who already had a family. Good Lord, the only person in that little trio I feel sorry for is Quinn.

When you pull way back from the whole affair what you see is a story turgid with heartbreak and regret. Why would anyone choose to take a leading role in such a sad story? I don't know. But then -- that's what we all do to a lesser degree. In our imperfect ways, in our own lives, we're always making the tiny mistakes that lead to a sad story.

And every cruel, vulgar slam against Rielle Hunter is really just a prayer: May I never play a part in such a tragedy. May I be protected from anyone who would cause me such misery.

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