Father's Day Video Shows Mitt Romney's Silly Side

Mitt RomneyMichelle Obama used a well-publicized Pinterest board to tell America that her husband is a great dad -- Now, the Romney campaign has released a special Father's Day video, showcasing a softer-- and sillier-- side of Mitt Romney.

The video contains rarely-seen home movies of Romney clowning around with his kids when they were small, while his now-grown sons recount some of the funny things he said and did when they were children.

Click through to see the video - then tell me what you think of it in the comments.


I don't know about you, but I love seeing these glimpses into a candidate's personal life -- particularly when they involve parenting.

It's no secret that Mitt Romney has had trouble making a personal connection with voters. The campaign clearly hopes videos like this one will show America what Romney is really like.

Not surprisingly, it appears that the Romney family enjoyed many wholesome moments of family fun and innocent practical jokes. I liked hearing about the pranks they pulled on one another and the funny moments they shared.

Where the video lost me is when the boys began rhapsodizing about what a do-gooder their dad was. I actually enjoy hearing about Romney's private good deeds from outside sources, but when his own campaign produces videos about the small favors he did for neighbors a long, long time ago, it feels forced and rings hollow.

That's my take on the video -- What's yours?

Can you relate more to Mitt Romney after seeing this behind-the-scenes glimpse of him as a dad?


Screen grab via YouTube


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