Secret Service Sexual Assault Allegations Should Worry Us All

secret serviceThe Secret Service has come clean about allegations they have kept hush-hush for years.

The government revealed claims that agents and officers have been accused of soliciting prostitutes, leaking sensitive information, illegal wiretaps, improper use of weapons, drunken behavior and -- perhaps the most surprising -- publishing pornography and sexual assault.


The accusations came to light after news organization began digging around following the Columbia prostitution scandal back in April. The list, released under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed that some of the charges occurred at recently as last month and others dated back as far as 2004.

In one incident, an agent was accused of getting on top of a woman and attempting to have sex with her even though she said "no" several times.  This particular case was closed with an "administrative disposition" in February but others are still unresolved.

Though more revealing than the specific, alleged crimes, these allegeations provide a peak into the sub-culture of the Secret Service. This is a group whose sole purpose is to protect people and uphold the laws of the country (with an authority beyond that of police officers).

It's frightening to think some agents believe they are above those very laws. An even scarier thought -- these are the people that are supposed to guarding the President?!

Does this shake your faith in the Secret Service?


Images via smaedli/Flickr

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