Why Did Disruptive JetBlue Pilot Suffer That Disturbing Meltdown?

clayton osbon jetblue pilot mug shotRemember the JetBlue pilot Clayton F. Osbon who seemingly lost all of his marbles aboard a flight from New York to Las Vegas back in March? He completely freaked out passengers by screaming scary terrorism and religion-related threats and declaring "We're going down!" Well, after being charged with one count of interfering with a flight crew for his outburst, he underwent a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation to see if he could assist properly in his defense and to determine if he was sane at the time of the alleged offense, and ... turns out Osbon has been declared "mentally competent" to stand trial. At the same time, however, the U.S. District Judge handling the case ruled that the evaluation be sealed ...

Guess the details behind why he went berserk are none of our darn business (yet?). But hopefully, those in the know get the full scoop, though, because with Osbon facing a possible jail sentence of 20 years for this stunt, understanding exactly what happened is imperative.


At first, it's easy to think, "Okay, the guy is a total whackjob!" and not feel too much sympathy, but it's hard to say what tipped off his freaky episode. There have been reports that it may have been a panic attack or "a toxic reaction to infection, drugs, or even an encephalitic event caused by a brain tumor." Agh! If it really was due to the latter, how awful would that be? Would they even be making him stand trial? I'm not sure ...

Anyway, no matter that he's been found "mentally competent." There's got to be something else at play here. Someone just doesn't FLIP OUT like that out of the blue without being seriously provoked by something out of the ordinary, something out of their control. And depending on what that factor was, if it really was something that was out of Osbon's hands -- like being emotionally and/or mentally disturbed -- then there's no way a jury could in good conscious throw the man into jail for 20 years. With hope, Osbon's fate will be decided once the court fully comprehends the breadth of the trigger for the incident.

What do you think caused Osbon to flip out?



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