Lawmaker Silenced for Saying 'Vagina' Makes Us Want to Scream It (VIDEO)

lisa brownVagina in the House! I said, Vagina in the House! Yesterday Michigan state rep Lisa Brown got all up in her fellow legislators' faces over their proposed abortion bill that imposes new regulations on abortion providers and bans all abortions after 20 weeks. She made a well-reasoned, passionate case about how she, as an observant Jewish woman would never force other people to live by her beliefs -- so why are conservative legislators trying to make all Michigan women live by theirs? And then she let loose the V-Bomb:

And finally, Mr. Speaker, I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but 'no' means 'no.'

Burhurrhurr -- va-WHAT?!? That little aside got Brown banned from speaking on the floor. But she's not finished -- and neither are these other women.


Okay, so maybe Brown should have said "uterus" instead of "vagina" since that's where the zygote grows. But the point is: If you can't say it don't legislate it. This is how exasperated and incredulous women are becoming over these pushy abortion bills.

Rep. Barb Byum is so fed up she tried to introduce an amendment to the bill banning men from getting a vasectomy unless sterilization would save the man's life. Ha! Good one, Barb. Point well taken. Oh and by the way -- you're banned, too. Barb wasn't allowed to introduce the amendment which, in my opinion, is no less ridiculous than the bill itself. But then I guess that point is a little too hard for the House speaker to swallow.

So now two things are forbidden on the Michigan state floor: The word "vagina" and irony.

Well you can ban vagina, irony, and mouthy women all you want. We're not shutting up. If anything, banning Byum and Brown just gave their cause more publicity and support. Has anyone else NOT heard Brown say VAGINA in the Michigan State House? Maybe you should forward this to a few of your friends because obviously we need to hear it more. In fact, I think every conservative politician who wants to support another retro, dark-ages abortion bill should be required to say the word VAGINA aloud in front of his peers, first. As in, "Yes, ladies, I want to get up in your vagina and legislate the hell out of it like I'm the biggest, chaffingest tampon you've ever seen."

Oh I could go ON with that metaphor. But I'll spare us all. The point is, keep making up laws over our lady parts and we'll keep making you squirm by naming those lady parts. You think "vagina" is awkward? Wait until someone yells VULVA.

Do you think Reps. Byum and Brown should have been banned from speaking?


Image via State Representative Lisa Brown




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