Homeless Man Scores Serious Money -- Without Ever Finding a Job (VIDEO)

timothy yostA homeless man named Timothy Yost was washing his feet in the Colorado River in Bastrop, Texas in January when he happened to spot a bag filled with $100 bills and Krugerrand coins (gold collector coins from South Africa that are worth more than $1K each!). Can you imagine?! The luck! It's like every cash-strapped American's dream come true. But when Yost brought the cash (which was wet) to a bank to trade them in for dry bills, the bank teller assumed Yost had committed a crime and called 911.

Now, months and various investigations later, the City Council of Bastrop, Texas, has decided to let Yost keep the $77,000 he found. Yay rah!


Oh, sure, there will be skeptics who think that a homeless man like Yost might not be able to handle cash like this. And I could see that. But at the same time, I want to see the best in people and believe that maybe he stumbled on this cash for a reason. Maybe he really will use it to begin a whole new, productive, healthy, happy life.

His attorney Aleta Peacock even said:

It means everything to him. He has a whole future ahead of him. He has the opportunity to make plans and have a real future.

If I had to guess, I'd say she may have been a bit choked up there! If she was, who could blame her? She just helped win Yost the money he rightfully found, deserves, and should be able to put toward good use.

Only one big Q remains ... Now that he has the $77K, what will Yost spend it on? He told local news:

I've been walking for so long, first thing I want is a vehicle.

Sounds like the perfect plan. Here's the local news report on Yost ...


Are you glad to hear Yost was able to take custody of the money he found?


Image via myfoxaustin.com

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