Teen Helped Light a Boy on Fire & Says He Did It for $5

Denver Colorado Jarvis
Denver Colorado Jarvis
Remember when you were a teenager, and your buddy said they'd pay you $5 if you did something daring? Think prank calling the hot guy from chemistry class or dropping your drawers to show the full moon. Stupid. Silly. But there's nothing silly about the allegations from a 17-year-old who doused a then 15-year-old middle schooler with alcohol so he could be lit on fire and burned nearly to death back in 2009.

Denver Colorado "D.C." Jarvis has already been convicted of attempted second-degree murder in the burning of Michael Brewer three years ago. But now he's testifying in the trial of one of his alleged accomplices, and he's claiming that it was the promise of $5 or $10 that made him do it.

Five dollars. He says he tried to kill someone for $5.


Do I really need to go into further detail here? I mean, Jarvis is saying that Matthew Bent, who is also 17, by the way, is the one who offered him the cash to pour a flammable liquid on Brewer. The boy suffered burns over 65 percent of his body and still requires physical therapy to this day to aid in his recovery. Bent has been charged with attempted second-degree murder and could get 30 years in prison if convicted of being the ringleader in this horrendous crime.

If he did it, he's a sick puppy.

But I'm still stuck on Jarvis, whose allegation is tantamount to admitting that his soul can be purchased for less money than it costs to buy a movie ticket these days. This isn't some silly teenage prank. This isn't pantsing someone or putting a sour milk carton in their locker.

Today I've learned that there is a person in this world who thinks that a human life is worth just about the cost of Quarter Pounder With Cheese at the local Mickey D's. It kind of takes the funny out of teenage dares, doesn't it?

What part of this whole sick twisted story bothers you the most?


Image via Broward County Sheriff's Department

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