Soccer Mom Madam Is Now Suddenly Worried About Her Kids

soccer mom madam

The "Soccer Mom Madam" finally speaks. In an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer, Anna Gristina tells her side of a seedy story that nabbed a million headlines and even inspired a Law & Order: SVU episode.

Just to refresh your memory, Gristina is the suburban mom and wife accused of being a high-powered madam who ran a multimillion dollar escort service in Manhattan.

In her first jailhouse interview, she says that her arrest is "decimating" her family.


She told Lauer,

My husband is having a really hard time holding it together and my son the young one ... He knows I am in jail. After three months he came to see me here. He cried the whole time and begged to stay with me.

Gristina admits to running a "matchmaking" service inspired by Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker. But instead of servicing "single and seeking," it was "married and seeking," she said, comparing it to a married version of She continued,

I think for me I have it easy. I think it's my family who suffer, because I'm able to at least hide in here from it all. My children, they get followed by the press. My husband almost got run off the road yesterday by press. It's caused my son to come out of school at one point. It's caused my daughter to suffer from anxiety and she's seeing a doctor. It's just decimating my family.

It is a shame her kids have to suffer. But honestly, what does she expect? Of course she is innocent until proven guilty, but even her so-called above board matchmaking service would be fodder for gossip and teasing in most neighborhoods. It's sad that her family has to endure this humiliation for her alleged mistakes. Bottom line, if you are even accused of doing a crime, everyone in your life pays the price. Even upper-middle class suburbanites should know that.

What do you think of this case? Do you sympathize with Gristina?

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