Mom's Bath Salts Habit Blamed in Toddler Beating & Naked Rampage

crime sceneThis bath salts thing is getting out of control. Correction! It had already been out of control, blamed for a slew of criminally disgusting incidents, such as the guy in Florida who ate another guy's face off, and sparking the whole "zombie apocalyse" meme. But now it's like super crazy out of control. How could something that sounds as pleasant as "bath salts" be so awful? Anyway, the latest bath salts rampage comes courtesy of a 35-year-old woman in upstate New York who reportedly was under the influence of the synthetic drug when she began beating her 3-year-old son in public, ran around naked, and then was tasered by cops. It gets worse ...


After neighbors said they heard a "growling" noise, they looked out their window to see the mother beating her young son. The neighbor tried to get the kid away, but couldn't. The boy's father appeared and was able to wrestle him away. The woman then ran inside her house and grabbed her pit bull. But she fell down and injured the pit bull. This gets worse ...

The woman, Pamela McCarthy, apparently then stripped off her clothes and began threatening people. It took both a policeman and a fireman to subdue the woman. First, they used pepper spray. When that didn't do the job, they tasered her. It gets worse ...

She later died, apparently from the effects tasering. Police say that they had been called to the house numerous times before when the woman was reportedly under the spell of bath salts.

You know, some drugs I GET. Okay, you smoke dope, you chill out, listen to some Pink Floyd, get paranoid, and eat. But this? Who reads these stories and thinks, yeah, this sounds like something I want to try?!

Legislators are trying to make the ingredients in bath salts illegal. But until that time, let's just not even go there, okay?

Everyone, please, when it comes to bath salts, just say no! In fact, say hells no get the hell outta here you crazy bish with that nasty stuff!

What do you think of this latest bath salts tragedy? Should the ingredients be banned?


Image via Michael Melchiorre/Flickr

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