Bristol Palin Is Getting Sued Over Her Ridiculous Bar Fight (VIDEO)

Last fall, while filming her reality show for Lifetime, Bristol Palin got into it with a bar customer in Los Angeles. He was totally out of line, screaming, "Your mother's a whore!" But she was just as nasty back to him when she "complimented" him on his "wife" (another man) and implied that being gay was somehow bad. Ew. Both of these people are nasty, nasty, nasty.

Now, of course, he is suing her for defamation after she blamed him for her move back to Alaska and used the footage without permission. He should win, too.

Here's the deal: Stephen Hanks claims he had no idea he was being filmed when he brawled (with words) with the reality star. He had no idea he was going to be on Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp. No release was signed. Does that seem fishy to anyone else? See the fight at the Saddle Ranch below:


It's not just that, either. Apparently Bristol blamed Hanks for her move back to Alaska in US Weekly, claiming he is the reason she left LA when, in fact, according to the lawsuit, she had bought a home in Wasilla two months before the incident.

Look, no one is defending a man who would scream, "Your mother's a whore," especially since Sarah Palin is no whore (at least to my knowledge). She may be a pompous windbag full of misinformation and laughably poor ethical standards, but she isn't a whore, and even if she were, that's just not nice.

But you know what? Bristol isn't nice, either. Using "gay" as an insult is so middle school. No one does that anymore. At least not smart people. Granted, she is young, but if she is going to be in the public eye (and make the big bucks), she has to learn to take the heat. Besides, her mother is a political super star with very strong opinions. She will get criticized. That's all there is to it.

It's not easy to deal with hecklers with grace and, lord knows, I am no expert. When people are critical, it does make you want to be critical right back. And sure, it's easy enough to see that a person is ugly, fat, or has some other perceived "weakness" that is easy to exploit. But that isn't a strong response. A better response would have been to simply rise above, smile, and ignore the heckler.

By fighting back, using the footage without permission, and blaming Hanks for her move in Us Weekly, she does look like a pretty big baby. And, while $75,000 in damages seems excessive, at the very least, he should get some compensation for his appearance on her show and he should have signed a release.

In a situation where she should look like the victim (he was out of line, after all), Palin comes off looking petty, immature, and downright manipulative.

Do you think Bristol is wrong here?


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