Colin Powell, I Totally Hope You 'Call Me Maybe' (VIDEO)

colin powellHey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but -- oh, never mind. Guess what? Colin Powell is the latest public figure to spontaneously cover Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." And guess what else? It was kind of cute. In a painful sort of way. At least it happened on the set of CBS This Morning, so Gayle King was there to be cute and painful with him.

I mean, honestly? The former Secretary of State is no President Barack Obama when it comes to vocal stylin' skillz (and his "Call Me Maybe" isn't quite the nugget of charming entertainment as the Obama mash-up), but you've gotta give him credit.

Powell is 75! 75 years old!! Think of somebody you know personally who's 75 years old. Or 75-ish years old. Can you picture that person singing "Call Me Maybe" -- or even knowing the words?


So in my opinion, Colin Powell's cover of the pop phenomenon is more meaningful than Justin Bieber's or Katy Perry's or James Franco's (although I gotta give Jimmy Fallon props, cause he's Jimmy Fallon. Dude.).

And Colin Powell gets props for being the most unlikely famous person to take on a viral/meme/hit/trend thing. With no trace of self-consciousness. Whatsoever.

I would totally call you, Colin Powell.


Is this your favorite cover of "Call Me Maybe" so far?

Image via CBS

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