Mom's Real Life '50 Shades' Sex Chamber Almost Gets Her Arrested

In the realm of fiction, it's nice to have a little sex chamber of one's own. And it can even be quite nice in reality -- as long as whomever ends up in the chamber is okay with it. But even then it can sometimes get you into trouble -- as it did with a Swedish 40-something single mother who set up a sex-n-bondage chamber in an abandoned military bunker out in the forest. All for a hot tryst with her luvah.

Sounds good. But then things went embarrassingly wrong.


Apparently, 'twas not Christian Grey who stumbled upon mommy's chamber of orgasmic pleasure but a couple of bewildered local fishermen. And since there had just been a story in the papers about a torture chamber that had been the site of a crime scene, they took one look at the bed, the ropes, and the "leather items" and, well, called the cops.

Once word of the chamber got around town, Miss BDSM stepped forward to claim her sex toys and fessed up that the chamber was hers. Can you say awk-o-ward?

Reportedly, the woman told the press: "I just wanted to test my limits." Reacting to her neighbors' shock at the sex chamber, she sniffed that Sweden wasn't such a "free country" when it came to sexual freedom.

But saddest of all was this tidbit buried in the source that first reported this story: Apparently after our real life Anastasia Steele readied her bondage chamber for her real life Christian Grey, the guy stood her up. So she spent the night there all by her lonesome.

Ryan Gosling would never do that.

Do you have a sex chamber?

Image via kstepanoff/Flickr

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