Toddler Thrown From Rolling SUV Miraculously Gets Up & Walks Away (VIDEO)

tot thrown from suv

Police had no idea a 1-year-old girl was in the back seat of an SUV they were chasing last weekend.

A jaw dropping video caught by a police dash cam shows the child being thrown from the car as it crashed and rolled over several times. Amazingly she stood up and tried to walk back to the SUV on her own.


Just minutes before the crash, her 17-year-old father Kenny Shawn Jimenez and 16-year-old mother, along with two other teens, had allegedly robbed a woman at gunpoint before taking off in the SUV.

After she gave Jimenez her purse, robbery victim Chelsea Betenbough said she noticed the baby in the back seat. "He was getting in the car and I said, 'All that with a baby in the back seat?'" she told KCBD television. "I was shocked I saw her."

After the crash, the video shows one of the suspects grabbing the girl and running away. Though police say they captured them in a backyard not very far away. The toddler was treated at a local hospital and walked away with just a few cuts and bruises.

She only suffered a few boo-boos! Can you believe it? A crash like that could have killed everyone inside. That little girl, now staying with relatives, is lucky to be alive. It is nothing short of a miracle, don't you think?

Are you amazed that toddler walked away with no major injuries?

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