Mystery Boy Found in Woods Is Looking for His Family & You Can Help (PHOTO)

RayRemember the bizarre case of the German "forest boy," the English-speaking teenager who walked out of the woods with no knowledge of his origins last fall? It just got weirder. Berlin Police have just released brand new photos of Ray that they're asking international media to spread far and wide.

It seems that nine months on, they still have no clue who this kid is. That's not just bizarre. It's heartwrenching.


Even if this were a hoax, can you imagine a family who has no clue where their kid is for nine months? I can't.

But in an odd way, this might be good news for Ray. If people can look at the emotional side of this and be moved by the time he's spent aimlessly wondering who he is in Berlin (albeit under good care for once), perhaps they'll be energized and make the push necessary to find this forest boy's real family. Hey, it's better than thinking he'll never get home, right?

So here's what we can do: spread the word. Spread his photos. Get him home.

The new police photos are accompanied by the random bits of information that Ray has been able to remember. His mom was named Doreen, and she died in a car accident. He lived in the woods for five years after that with his dad, Ryan. And he was born on June 20, 1994, which means he will turn 18 in a week.

Did you think forest boy was a hoax back in September? What do you think now? Will you share his photo?


Image via Berlin Police

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