Thomas Kinkade's Family Will Dispute Is Just Absurd

Thomas KinkadeIn his life Thomas Kinkade may have painted the light, but beneath the surface, there was a lot of darkness. The way he died -- accidental overdose of alcohol and Valium -- is a telling reminder of the inner demons the critically-maligned artist was facing. But it's his will controversy that is really shedding some true "light" on his life.

Kinkade had a wife and four daughters, from whom he was estranged. His mistress Amy Pinto-Walsh was the primary person he spent time with and she has produced handwritten notes allegedly written by Kinkade leaving her a mansion and $10 million to start a museum of his paintings.

The case is going to court, but are we really going to take the final will and testament of a man who was spiraling out of control who wrote it on a legal pad with a pen? Sorry, lady, that's crazy talk.


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