George Zimmerman's Wife Arrested & Charges Are Very Serious

shellie zimmermanHo-lee WOW. George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, has been arrested for perjury. Remember when Shellie testified at her husband's bail hearing that she couldn't afford to cover a high-priced bond? We really felt for her -- and it made sense. After all, she's just barely graduating from nursing school. Why would she have lots of money?

But then we found out that George Zimmerman's website may have actually raked in bushels of dough. (Yeah, IT WORKED.) At the time of Shellie's testimony Zimmerman had $135,000 in his bank account. Maybe Shellie should have mentioned that during the hearing? You know, if she knew. And with this arrest, it looks like someone believes she knew.


Shellie had mostly stayed out of the spotlight through this high-profile controversy. Now, thanks to her brand-new mug shot, she is a highly visible player in this drama. And she had to post $1,000 bail for herself on top of everything else. (Um, but it looks like she has the money ...) Withholding information about her finances was a terrible gamble and it looks like she lost.

Not only that's, she's damaged her husband's case even more. Not that he didn't do plenty of damage himself. His credibility is pretty shot at this point. But it doesn't help him out for Shellie to lose her credibility, too.

So ... way to stand by your man? Yikes. I hope George is worth it, though I kind of doubt it. Good luck going grocery shopping or for that matter going anywhere in public. Hope you have a good wig and some huge sunglasses.

Do you think Shellie Zimmerman knew how much money George's website had brought in when she testified at his bond hearing?


Image via Seminole County Sheriff's Office

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