Guys Jump Subway Platforms -- In This Week's Stupidest Stunt Ever (VIDEO)

subway long jumper

The New York City subway is nothing to fool around with. But apparently two guys didn't get that memo.

They had a buddy film them as they long jumped from one train platform to another.

Crazy doesn't even begin to describe this stunt.


The video shows the thrill seekers taking turns making a 12-foot running leap across the tracks. They both clear the platform, but just barely. Given how dangerous the subway system is, it all seems more foolish than fun. 

If they had fallen onto the tracks, they could have been electrocuted by the third rail or been unable to scurry back onto the platform before a train sped into the station. People who fall onto the tracks or, in some cases, climb down to retrieve dropped items are often struck and killed. These guys were basically playing a senseless game of Russian Roulette with their lives. 

Take a look at the stunt here:

What do you think? Is this impressive or insane?

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