Lungs Found on LA Sidewalk, I Repeat, Lungs Found on LA Sidewalk

lungsJust when I thought all this zombie apocalypse mess had finally calmed down, it happened. A pair of lungs was found on the sidewalk in South Los Angeles. Lungs, people. On a sidewalk!

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office apparently sent out a coroner and the crime lab to scoop it up (wonder how that call went ... "hey, Bob, it's Sue over at dispatch, yeah, we need you to go claim a pair of lungs at the corner of ... no, no body, just the lungs."). They've sent it in for testing to determine whether we are talking human lungs or animal lungs. But frankly, I'm not going to wait around for that.


I'm going to buy a helmet now. Or maybe I should just go for full body armor for the whole fam? And I'll need bullets. Lots and lots of bullets.

You could call me neurotic, sure, but let's look at the evidence!

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Los Angeles County is clear across the country from the face-eating dude in Miami or the brain- and heart-munching college student in Maryland. Thus the discovery of the random organ in Compton leaves us but one conclusion: the zombies are multiplying! It could be days before they get to my doorstep. Days!

OK, that or some guy working the morgue in Compton is a real creep, but work with me here people! We have got one of most bizarre news stories of the year so far going on, and the bigger this whole body part bonanza gets, the more conspiracy theories are going to be floating, and the more zombie-killin' bullets are going to fly. So, you could think awful things like, Oh God, some guy won't get his lung transplant, or Oh God, maybe part of Aunt Helen didn't make it to the crematorium. I'm going to go watch Shaun of the Dead one more time to pick up some tips for protect my family.

What's your theory on the origin of these lungs?


Image via spec-ta-cles/Flickr

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