How Has the Economy Affected You?

MoneyI've been your Moms Matter 2012 correspondent for seven months now and it's very obvious that the one issue you all care about most in this election is the economy.

It only makes sense. With Europe in crisis and our own country struggling to recover from a recession, nearly all of us have been personally affected in some way by global economic woes.

And while it's easy to get mired in political rhetoric about the best way to go about fixing the problem, this week, we want to hear from our political bloggers -- and, of course, from you -- about how the current economic situation is affecting you personally. How has it changed your lifestyle? Your budget? Your outlook?

Our political bloggers will be answering this question all week long, and we'd like to hear from you as well in the comments.

Are you struggling now as a result of the economy? From your own personal perspective, is our nation in the midst of an economic crisis?


My husband and I have been fortunate in this recession to work in media -- no matter how bad it gets, people still want their news, so we've been able to stay employed. But we've definitely had to make some adjustments. Our retirement investments dropped dramatically and we've dealt with some income freezes, even as the price of pretty much everything else continues to rise.

But for many of you, the situation has been far worse. Here are just a few of the moms we've talked to over the last few months:

Chelsea and her family were hit particularly hard by the recession. They found themselves with a drastically lowered income and a modest dream house they could no longer afford.


Sarah's husband lost his job right before Christmas and her family had to learn how to spend next to nothing.


And Chantal's husband's student loan debt is literally crippling their family:

Can you relate to these women's stories? Do you have one of your own?

Here's what our political bloggers have to say:

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