Lindsay Lohan Crashes Her Porsche & Is Hospitalized in Los Angeles

Oh, no, there's breaking news and it isn't good news! According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan was just in a terrible car accident and has been hospitalized. Linds was apparently driving her black Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles when an 18-wheeler truck cut her off and her car was totaled. Witnesses say that LiLo and her assistant were both bleeding. Word has it that Lindsay was driving.


This is bad news for Lindsay, who had just seemed to be well on her way to a comeback. She's starring in a new Lifetime movie as Elizabeth Taylor, and though we've all joked around about what horrible casting this is, the truth is I think we were all glad to see Linds working again, and she has looked great in her recent photos. Really healthy and beautiful.

Word has it she didn't go to the hospital in the ambulance that was called, she went later, so at least we know she's still alive. TMZ says Lindsay seems "okay" and doctors are running tests. Let's pray this isn't some kind of setback for her.

Liz Taylor was notorious for having accidents and having friends like Montgomery Clift who had a disfiguring car accident while driving back from Liz's house one night, so I hope Linds isn't channeling her character too much!

We want to see you back on set soon, Lindsay. Quick recovery!

What do you think of Lindsay's accident?

Image via TMZ

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