Jeb Bush Thinks Obama Should Take the Fall for George W. Bush's Mess (VIDEO)

jeb bush on cbs this morning with charlie roseRemember the bumper stickers that read "1.20.09 -- The End of an Error"? You don't need a history book to know that's pretty much how most Americans -- no matter what side of the aisle you fall on -- felt by the time George W. Bush was done making a mess and a mockery of the U.S. government. Yet, the way certain GOP politicians are talking these days, you would think the eight years that spanned W's quite possibly illegitimate presidency were some kind of American golden age. Craaaaazy!

Just take former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's comments on CBS' This Morning with Charlie Rose. He had the audacity to suggest that President Obama offer "a little tip of the hat" to #43, as that might help him out politically. Yeah, he's W's big bro, but Jeb has got to be kidding!


Jeb elaborated:

It helps to, just a small acknowledgment that the guy that you replaced isn't the source of every problem and the excuse of why you're not being successful, I think would help him politically.

Or it might make Obama look weak and insane and cause liberals like me to be even more frustrated than we already are with his admirable but unproductive attempts to appeal to his opponents! 

This idea that Bush, Jr. deserves a pat on the back for anything he did while in office or that he isn't to blame for many of the problems we are currently facing is just downright delusional. The dumpy economy we're dealing with right now has been years in the making (even dating back to deregulation that occurred prior to W.). The wars Obama has his hands full with today were all W.'s doing. And by the way, guys like Jeb not realize that we had a tremendous budget surplus when President Clinton left office in 2001, but by the end of Bush's two terms, the debt had increased by $4.899 trillion?!

Whether Jeb likes it or not, his little brother screwed up big time by dolling out dangerous tax breaks and deregulation for the uber-wealthy and Wall Street, enforcing absolutely ineffective abstinence only education (now resulting in higher teen pregnancy rates), embarrassing the country on the world stage, beginning wars which became total quagmires, etc. And yet, Jeb asserts that Obama should thank Bush for the mess he's inherited and somehow, that could help him politically? Maybe only with voters who were living under a rock during the past decade.

Here's Jeb's whole segment if you missed it ...


Do you believe Obama should "tip his hat" to W.?

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