Dead Flying 'Helicopter' Cat Makes a Hilarious Piece of Art ... for Sickos (VIDEO)

When I think of dead cats, I don't immediately think of flying, but then again, I am not Dutch artist Bart Jansen. Soon after his cat Orville -- an avid bird lover -- was hit by a car and met his end, the grieving cat-daddy found a way to honor him through his art. That is, if you consider it an honor to be stuffed and turned into a flying cat-copter.

The dead cat helicopter is on display at the ongoing KunstRai art fair in Amsterdam and has caused quite the stir and not all in a positive way.

See below:


I might be sick. I probably am. But this made me laugh. Jansen said he was trying to honor the cat who wanted to fly in life, so he helped him do that.

The work is made of taxidermied cat skin, polyester casing, and a quadcopter. It has, of course, angered animal rights activists everywhere.

A spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said:

It's a macabre way to honor a beloved family member. This is sick. Lay the poor cat to rest.

But yeah, I don't put much stock in PETA. Their various stunts like offering vasectomies, spraying people with green paint, and generally being such a thorn in the side, it makes everyone hate them. Perhaps they ought to consider a name change to PITA?

At any rate, I am not going to be stuffing my pets any time soon or making them fly, but this is getting people talking and has rocketed the artist's name to the top of the news. I'd say he has done his job here.

Do you think this is sick?


Image via Sumigal010/YouTube

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