Latest 'Cannibal Killer' Details Are Unspeakably Horrifying

luka magnottaWhen we first heard about accused "cannibal killer" Luka Magnotti's grotesquely disturbing crime, it was at the end of a long week filled similarly horrifying tales of zombies and bath salts and related gore. Of course I was shocked, but not as shocked as I should have been.

Probably because I was somewhat desensitized at that point -- there's only so much gore a human being can process at once, after all.

Unfortunately, the latest details to emerge about what Magnotti allegedly did to Chinese student Jun Lin are so unspeakably awful, I imagine even the most jaded homicide detective would wince to hear them.

For starters, police have revealed that the parcels mailed to various schools and political offices in Canada containing Lin's body parts also contained something else.


Magnotta allegedly included notes in each package, though authorities aren't telling anyone what the notes say or who they were addressed to because they're afraid of copycat crimes (a wise move, I think).

Even worse, police believe there's still one package left to be delivered.

Lin's head has yet to be located.

Who knows WHAT Magnotta did with his (alleged) victim's head?!

Especially considering some of the other evidence recently gathered, like the video clips that (allegedly) show Magnotta torturing, killing and eating Lin.

I just don't see how this case could get any worse, but I felt that way last week, too.

Do you think the "cannibal killer" case could possibly get any worse?


Image via Montreal Police

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