Face-Eating 'Zombie' Gets His Own Tourist Destination

florida mapPlanning a vacay in good old Florida? You'll of course want to hit Disney World. Maybe head down to Key West and check out Ernest Hemingway's house. Oh, of course, there's the beaches. And then there's ... the place where the guy ate the other guy's face off! Yeah, the highway spot where some bath-salts-bugged-out dude (I won't call him a "zombie," 'kay?) is the latest hot tourist attraction.


The scene of the chilling face-eating incident took place on an off-ramp on the MacArthur Causeway. Which makes it convenient for a bus to get to. Which makes it a must-see for Miami's "Mystery & Mayhem" tour reportedly conducted by a Miami-Dade College history professor. How is this history? It just happened a week ago! Anyway.

Also included in this tour is Al Capone's house. But at least that's a house. Something to look at. You're not going to see anything here, folks, except a bunch of cars whizzing past. Asked how he is going to describe the scene to tourists, the guide says he'll just "tell it like it is." Indeed, this is one story that needs no embellishment.

Rubber-necking tragedies is part of human nature, so as bizarre and disgusting as this one is, it's only natural that some people (some rather disturbed people) are going to want to see it. Hey, I was at the World Trade Center weeks after 9/11, and tourists were taking pictures of that. With themselves in the photo. With big SMILES ON THEIR FACES. At least they had faces. Let's just hope the tour doesn't come with any bath salt mementos.

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Image via Image Editor/Flickr

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