Real Housewife in Dallas Busted for Running Giant Child Porn Ring

computer mouseIn news that will make you want to throw up in your mouth, the feds say they've nabbed a major trafficker of child porn here in the United States. But if you're thinking the dirtbag is probably some lecherous dude who huddles over his computer in a dark basement, prepare to be surprised. Erika Perdue is a 41-year-old mom and wealthy socialite in Dallas, Texas.

You weren't expecting that, were you? File this one under the words "don't judge a book by its cover," and remember it.


Because under that cover of glitz, glam, and mommydom is some pretty sick stuff. Cops are alleging Perdue -- who lives across the street from a park -- has been trading filthy images of little kids on the Interwebs for well over a decade. She has supposedly admitted that she'd trade photos of kids as young as the toddler stage engaged in sexual intercourse with adults while her husband was at work.

It would be disgusting even if the suspect were male, but there's something particularly alarming about the fact that a mom, and a wealthy one at that, has been fingered by cops for child porn, isn't there?

She shouldn't have "needed" the money she stood to make doing this. Not when the Perdue house is worth $1.4 million and her husband is a successful attorney. And she is a mother! She's supposed to protect kids, not debase them!

I've never kidded myself that women are somehow above doing something awful (a lesson the folks who kicked a grandpa out of the children's section of a store just because he was a male could learn). But Perdue is so far from the picture I see in my mind when I hear "trades child porn" that I have to wonder how many other creeps I'd "miss" because I was too trusting.

What do you make of Erika Perdue's arrest?


Image via espensorvik/Flickr

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