New Giant Squid Sighting Confirms the Ocean Is Full of Cool Secrets (VIDEO)

The ocean is a deep and mysterious place and the giant squid that popped up this week in Australia only proves that. Not all that long ago, we thought the giant squid was entirely elusive, something mariners may have made up in their tales of the sea. Yeah. Not so much. It's real, indeed.

It makes you start to wonder, what else might be out there that we haven't seen, but that so many have mentioned at sea. Mermaids? Yep. I'd buy it. As much as we like to think we have explored the world, there is still so much we haven't seen and the bottom of the ocean is still a mystery.

The fact is, a living giant squid wasn't even photographed until 2004. Until then, we had only stories to believe they were real at all. Crazy, no? See below:


Personally, I am intrigued by the ocean and all that is left to explore. I am sure there are dozens, if not hundreds, of animals we have never seen or heard of and maybe even some mysteries to be solved.

It's even creepier than outer space to imagine that somewhere on our Earth there are parts we don't understand and know nothing about.

Of course this is nothing new. Science fiction movies have made great use of the bottom of the sea (The Abyss comes to mind) in their tales of the unknown.

The ocean remains mysterious, something we need to explore more and learn more about. Aquatic apes/mermaids? Maybe. Who knows? So, it's true that we should have found a body right now. But you never really know and that is part of what makes it so exciting.

Personally, I choose to believe there is more than what we see or know. It's like the ever elusive carrot pushing us onward.

Do you think mythical creatures of the sea might be real?


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