Octomom Gets Job as a Stripper & We Shouldn't Judge

party busI think we can all agree that Nadya Suleman is nobody's favorite mother. She went and had 14 kids that she clearly wasn't prepared to care for properly. She's bankrupt, her house is being foreclosed upon. She filmed an adult video. We could go on all day. But now comes word that her career as an "adult entertainer" is beginning to flourish. Sort of. Suleman has booked a gig as a stripper.


Octomom has taken taken a job dancing topless for four days at a Florida strip club. Beyond the question of why anyone would want to SEE this (and why?? why???), she should not be knocked down for trying to support her kids with stripping. Many a mother does the same. Many mothers, and many single women, strip to earn cash for their kids, for college, for homes. Especially in a tough economy, stripping can be an obvious choice. Would we prefer to see women go into other lines of work? Sure. Would we like to see Octomom get a job as, say, a secretary? Well, that's a less controversial job. But it's going to be tough supporting 14 children on that.

Could Octomom go to college to learn some new skills? Sure. And hopefully she will eventually do that. But meanwhile she needs a cash infusion to save her home. She doesn't need cash in four years, she needs it NOW.

Stripping is legal, and it's lucrative. As a novelty act, Suleman will probably make good money -- in the tens of thousands, I'm guessing. Suleman says she dreams of building a business "empire" to keep her family afloat. What other empire is she going to build? She's not Steve Jobs. How many of us are?

Suleman may be misguided in many ways, and I would love to see her put her nose to the grindstone and come out on the other end with a Ph.D. in economics. But let's be a bit realistic here, people. If no one is willing to give her a reality show, then she's got to try and cash in on being a freak show.

What do you think about Octomom becoming a stripper?


Image via BillOggPhotography/ Flickr

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