Sarah Jessica Parker Reminds Us Why Obama Is Good for America (VIDEO)

sjp obama the guyOkay, so over mimosas with my girlfriends at brunch yesterday, we all paused from talking about orgasms (except for Charlotte, of course) to talk about the presidential election. And you'll never guess! Carrie is so hot for Obama she's hosting a fundraising party for him. Is Obama the new Big?

Oh wait, that was not my real life. And it wasn't a scene from Sex and the City. But Sarah Jessica Parker is enthused enough over Obama to host a fundraising party for him. True, her fundraising video is in Carrie-speak (that's SJP's charm!), but her reasons for supporting Obama just make plain and simple sense to me.


1. The guy who ended the war in Iraq. Can we say premature ejaculation, Bush? Mission accomplished now. I don't know about you, but I'm glad that war is over.

2. The guy who says you should be able to marry whomever you want. Contrary to what Newsweek thinks, Obama is not actually the first gay president but his recent statement in support of gay marriage gives me hope for the future. 

3.  The guy who created 4 million new jobs. Okay, he didn't create them himself, and the employment rate isn't rising nearly as fast as we want it to. But it's rising. Profits going toward jobs instead of some CEO or shareholder's pockets? This is good news. I want to give Obama the chance to keep raising those numbers.

Naturally an RNC spokesperson is already whinging about this shiny new celeb endorsement. "The Obama campaign showed once again how out of touch they are, releasing a fundraising contest featuring Vogue chief Anna Wintour the same day as a dismal jobs report highlighted how millions of Americans continue to struggle." (Anna is co-hosting SJP's fundraiser.) You really want to go there, Republicans? You know if we had an out-of-touch-off, Republican supporters would win by a landslide. Cough cough Donald Trump Ann Romney $990 t-shirt cough cough. 

Really, the reasons to support Obama are simple. He's our guy.

Do you agree with Sarah Jessica Parker's endorsement of Obama?


Image via barackobamadotcom/YouTube

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