If Your Kid Was Missing, How Far Would You Go to Get Him Back?

Kyron HormanHow's this for a shock? It's been two years since Kyron Horman went missing sometime after attending a science fair at his elementary school, and Oregon police still don't have answers for his parents. Is it really any surprise Desiree Young has decided she has to do something big to find out what happened to her little boy? And by big, I mean $10 million lawsuit big.

Young filed the mega-suit against Kyron's stepmother, Terri Horman, late last week. The lawsuit claims Terri, who was the last person to see the little boy alive, is somehow involved in his disappearance and compels her to tell Young everything she knows.

Now for the crazy part: Terri hasn't been charged with anything. Heck, police aren't even calling her an "official suspect."

I know what you're thinking.


This smells desperate, doesn't it? And to that, I say, "Duh." Desiree Young hasn't seen her son in two years. Wouldn't you be desperate? I got that awful feeling in my stomach when my daughter walked around the corner of the aisle at Target the other day, and she came back to me the minute I shouted her name (in a panicky, high-pitched voice). I don't know a parent alive who would willingly put themselves in Young's shoes. We all want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

And the fact is, the lawsuit against Terri Horman could be the best chance she has at finding out what happened to Kyron, and it doesn't really matter whether the woman now divorced from Kyron's dad was involved or not. If she was, perhaps the lawsuit could force something.

If she wasn't, on the other hand, Young's mega-suit has forced her son's missing persons case back into the national media. In a country where you're only one Kardashian wardrobe malfunction away from your 15 seconds of fame being cut to 13, there's something to be said for pushing a two-year-old story all the way to the forefront of the news.

As one cop told the press in Oregon, all they need is "a break in the case." If that break comes because Kyron's mom put her reputation on the line, I'd say that's worth it: wouldn't you? It may be unusual, but that won't matter if it finally gives this family the answers they deserve about their little boy.

What is your gut feeling on what will come out of this lawsuit? 


Image via National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids

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