Would-Be Rapist Stopped in the Act & the Images Are Freaky (VIDEO)

Two heroes stopped a would-be rapist who attacked a woman walking her dog at 8:30 in the morning near Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. The two hikers ran to the woman's rescue when they heard her screams, subdued him, and got him off of her. In a time when it feels like all we hear about are people ignoring people and not helping those in need, a story like this can be simultaneously terrifying (because who attacks someone in broad daylight?!) and comforting (because there are good citizens out there).

As a woman, I know to be cautious once the sun goes down. I don't like to take my dog out after dark or walk home alone from places. Sure, I live in a safe neighborhood, but you can never be too careful. Now it seems I may need to fear daylight, too.

The thing is, attacks can happen anywhere at any time, and when they do, you just hope you are near people brave enough to rush to your aid. See video below:



On the East Coast, especially in the Northeast, we are notorious for not coming to anyone's aid. Obviously, there is the Kitty Genovese story -- the woman in the 1960s who was murdered in front of so many people who never came to help her -- but even less dramatic stories happen every day.

I have fallen twice while running and I wasn't helped either time, even though the second time, I broke my ankle and could clearly not walk.

Fine, people want to mind their own business. They aren't always sure of what they are seeing. And many times, in the case of a crime, they don't want to be robbed or raped, too.

But come on. Don't we kind of owe it to our fellow citizens to give a crap? If you see someone writhing on the ground in pain, wouldn't you want to help them?

Personally, I am not sure. If I were with my children or alone myself as a woman, I might try to get help rather than attacking someone myself. But these men are truly heroic. That is what a real hero does and I would challenge anyone who says differently. A woman is safe today because two men risked their own lives.

It makes me feel better about humanity in some strange way.

Would you help a person like this?


Image via blmurch/Flickr

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