George Zimmerman Is Going Back to Jail for Some Sketchy Sounding Business (VIDEO)

George ZimmermanRemember George Zimmerman? The other guy from Florida who recently became the center of worldwide scrutiny for his sensational crime? With face-eating zombies and so many other strange things happening in Florida on a daily basis, it's hard to keep up with all the characters in that state, but Zimmerman ... of Trayvon Martin killing fame of course ... is back in the news again today for a couple of reasons.

One, he's rich, it turns out.

Two, he might be planning a little vacation.

And both of these are the reasons his bond has been revoked and he's headed back to jail.


Zimmerman has been free ever since he told the court he didn't have any money to post bond, which investigators say might not be the truth after discovering he had $135,000 in his bank account at the time of that decision. Presumably this is money he raised through his website, which he set up after the Trayvon thing blew up and started painting him as the next Hitler. It's since been taken down.

Zimmerman's defense team say this little thing about his finances was a simple misunderstanding ... okay but that doesn't explain the fact that he also has a second passport no one knew about.

Another misunderstanding maybe? Some of these discoveries were gleaned from jailhouse conversations Zimmerman had with his wife, talking in some type of "code." This case gets more underhanded and bizarre by the minute.

We have to wonder if Zimmerman was planning to flee the country with his stash. Whatever the "misunderstanding" with Zimmerman and his finances is, it certainly isn't helping to sway opinion his way. If those recent reports about his injuries the night he fought with Martin helped that at all, this recent news has pushed the needle right back. Take a look if you missed it:


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