Waitress Who Got $400,000 Windfall From the IRS Should Have Kept It (VIDEO)

A Cleveland, Ohio waitress mistakenly received a $434,000 tax refund, which she returned. After 19 years spent on her feet as a waitress, Virginia Hopkins was expecting her $750 refund when she got the windfall. Immediately, she returned it.

Though at first glance it seems heroic that she returned it, realistically, the IRS would never have let the missing money slide. She would have had to pay it somewhere. This is why her response is all the more sad.

She said:


I think I would have to work most of my life to earn that much money, even with undeclared tip ... I tell people I used to be a tall, slim brunette. Now I stand four-feet-eight with white hair. This is what happens after 20 years of waitressing.

This is her:

She has a great sense of humor and didn't think of keeping it for a minute. But hey, you know what? I'd like to see her have that money.

This country is so full of inequity and people who don't work half as hard as her making 20 times what she makes in tips. Why shouldn't she get a nice big windfall?

OK, I realize I am dreaming and people don't get money that isn't theirs, especially from the IRS. But it's a nice thought. For one day, it would be nice to live with the fantasy that people might get what they deserve.

Why shouldn't Hopkins have a half million dollars? I would love to see people pour in donations now so that she can have that money. It might be a pipe dream, but I wish she'd been able to keep it.

The irony is that when she returned it, she was forced to show ID. Ah, the IRS can always be counted on to suck no matter what.

Someone give Hopkins a half mill she can keep! Pretty please!

Would you have returned the money?


Image via FoolishPost/YouTube

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