'Shower Mold Jesus' Is Here to Save Us, Hallelujah! (VIDEO)

shower mold jesusBe not afraid, all ye who live in fear of zombies and bath salts and kissing bug-transmitted plagues! Yes, it's been one Hell of a week -- but Heaven has heard your cries for help, and Shower Mold Jesus is proof that everything is going to be alright!

And lo, in a tiny Texas town, on the wall of the grimiest shower in all the land ... a savior.


And you thought cleanliness was next to godliness! Clearly Jesus has no problem with bathroom funk.

And lest you feel tempted to dismiss this miraculous mildew apparition as just another Tortilla Jesus/Toast Jesus/Ceiling Vent Jesus/Ultrasound Jesus/The Bachelor Jesus wannabe, you should know that the mold started growing months ago, way back when one of the home's residents was still in prison! (Hey, Jesus said "judge not," remember?)

Do you see Jesus in that bathroom mold?

Image via abc

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