Man Accused of Cannibal Attack on Roommate Is No 'Zombie'

A second so-called zombie apocalypse cannibal crime is making headlines today and this time it's a man and his roommate. Alexander Kinyua, a 21-year-old man in Maryland, is accused of killing his roommate, dismembering him, and eating his heart and brain. Awful, tragic, and disgusting.

What is, perhaps, saddest about this story is that the victim -- Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37 -- will now be remembered for being part of this so-called "zombie apocalypse." Last week, this would have been an awful, disturbing tragedy. This week, it's a pattern.

Except it's not. This accused man was mentally ill if he did this thing. But this isn't a "pattern." This isn't the zombie revolution. This is a tragedy and a story of mental illness. But it sure is funny to say it's a zombie, right?


Normally, I am not one to get sanctimonious about such things. After all, I am pretty jaded to awful stories with years as a journalist and now a blogger behind me. But come on, people. This is an awful, tragic, disturbing story, not a funny news blip.

Someone is accused of killing his roommate, EATING his brain and heart, and we are all: "ZOINKS! IT'S ZOMBIES!" We are looking pretty shallow right now.

Looking back on the Miami "zombie" case, it's a tragedy, too. Ronald Poppo, the victim whose face was eaten, lost 75 percent of his face. The hospital is raising money for his care and he will need extensive reconstruction he can't afford. He has been homeless for 30 years.

But instead of crying over this poor man and all that he has been through and all that he is lost, we are laughing about zombies. Well, shame on us. This is not a zombie apocalypse. These are two tragedies, unrelated and completely heartbreaking. Two families have lost people they loved.

I don't know about you, but I don't think that is funny or entertaining at all.

Do you think this is the zombie apocalypse?

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