Magical ‘Manhattanhenge’ Gives New York City Breathtaking Sunsets (PHOTOS)

manhattanhengeCivilizations have celebrated the summer solstice for millennia, but here in Manhattan, we don't conform to the way everyone else does it. New York City's always been on the cutting edge of reinventing norms, hence, Manhattanhenge. The summer solstice will occur everywhere else in the northern hemisphere on June 20, but here in the Big Apple, we're not that into waiting. You can head over to Stonehenge in England if you're a stickler for traditional Midsummer observations -- as far as New Yorker's are concerned, the solstice has already come and gone. Manhattanhenge was yesterday.

Not sure what Manhattanhenge is? Well, it's when the setting sun perfectly aligns between the east-west streets and lights up the crosstown thoroughfares like a gosh darn Christmas tree. Since the street grid isn't precisely on the east-west axis, the sun sets on the pavement only twice a year. And man, is it ever beautiful. Check it:


Photo via xanthsig/Flickr

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