Couple Gives Waiter $5K Tip in Most Generous Random Act of Kindness Ever! (VIDEO)

greg rubarUsually, as the old-timey journalism expression goes, "If it bleeds, it leads," but every now and then, a headline-making story can actually restore your faith in humanity. Take news out of Houston, Texas, where a waiter at D'Amico's Italian Market Cafe got an extraordinary tip ... (Almost as good as the winning lotto ticket in It Could Happen to You!)

Greg Rubar's car had been destroyed in the terrible storms the Houston area has recently weathered, so in order to get to work, he had been taking taxi cabs, public transportation, and using the restaurant's own catering truck when it wasn't in use. When two of his regular customers -- a couple who is married and wants to remain anonymous -- heard of his misfortune, they came in for a meal and tipped him way more than the customary 20 percent. They gave him $5,000 in cash!


Rubar explained to the food website 29-95 that

[The husband] said, "I'm not going to be giving you a tip for awhile. Take this tip, go buy yourself a car." ... They just wanted to help me out. They're nice people. What this tells me is that there are people out there willing to help people.

Wow. How completely unexpected and incredibly generous! See, there are still people out there who have souls! And while the hefty tip may sound like a very random act of kindness, as it turns out, the couple has been coming into the restaurant for about eight years. Rubar has been there for 16 years! He's practically got a fan following among the customers at Rice Village, who say he is "a great server and a good cook" who "deserves it." 

He really does sound like a totally upstanding, sweet guy who was due for some good karma like this. He told 29-95 that he thinks the tip would be a much better gift if it was a loan, and he definitely hopes to repay the couple. Awww. Sounds like such good luck couldn't have befallen a better guy.

Here's the local news story on the happy incident:




Does this restore your faith in humanity a bit?

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