'Blood' Found in Isabel Celis' Bedroom Is Impossible to Ignore


Isabel CelisThe more I read about missing child Isabel Celis, the less I want to read about her. There is never anything definitive, but everything the police in Tucson, Arizona release seems to carry a cloud of doom with it. And the latest bit of information is some of the worst yet.

Police have found what they say could be blood in the missing 6-year-old's bedroom. There were also stains of a "dark red-brown" in a family car. Add in news that police interviewed a witness who is alleging Isabel's father was somehow involved in the girl's disappearance because he owed someone money, and you know what this means?


Isabel's case has officially gone from awful to insanely awful. Suspected blood stains? Really? What else could they be? The reports say they weren't just in the bedroom but on a shower curtain and a hat. Which sounds, come on, you know how it sounds.

I have wanted to believe that this little girl would be found alive somewhere. Even as time has passed since her disappearance way back in April, I've ignored all those statistics you hear on TV cop dramas about how the passage of time makes finding a missing child alive less and less likely. This child reminds me too much of my own daughter to just give up on her. 

In that sense, I feel guilty jumping to negative conclusions after reading the latest police reports. Right now we know nothing, I tell myself. There is nothing conclusive. So someone "said" Sergio Celis owes someone money. So police "say" there "might" be blood stains.

And yet ... time has passed. The reports all along have been unsettling -- from Sergio being banned from seeing his other kids to news that CPS and the Celis family have tangled before -- and these latest details are particularly awful. And the more I tell myself it will be OK, the more the suspicions mount.

Have you given up hope in the Isabel Celis case yet? What pushed you over the edge?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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