Woman With Flesh-Eating Disease Speaks & Her First Words Amaze (VIDEO)

We've all been anxiously watching the progress of the tragic young Georgia woman who contracted a rare flesh-eating bacteria and has thus far lost both feet, one leg, and both hands to the horrific infection. But, finally, some good news, if there can be any good news at all here. The woman, Aimee Copeland, has spoken her first words in three weeks. And guess what? The words are bound to give you some joy.


According to Aimee's father, Andy, who has been at his daughter's bedside since her horrible ordeal began, Aimee has just spoken, and she said, "Woah" and "Wow, this is amazing." Her father adds that she seemed shocked to hear her own voice.

Anything could be the cause of such heartening words coming from Aimee -- including what must be massive doses of pain killers -- however, isn't that better than her words being something terrible? I have no doubt those might come later. But it's comforting to think that wherever Aimee's mind and heart is right now on her path to recovery, it sounds somewhere bearable. Somewhere "amazing." I hope it stays that way for as long as possible.

In the weeks before my grandfather's death several years ago, he lapsed into unconsciousness, but his mind was somewhere. And that somewhere comforted me. He began pantomiming, which the nurses told me was common with the dying. And his pantomimes were quite interesting -- he was clearly at a party. I watched him pick up utensils and eat. I watched him pour a glass of something (bubbly or a nice glass of wine, I reckon) and drink it. I watched him light a cigarette and take a drag. And I watched him smiling, nodding his head, and seemingly making upbeat conversation with other people. I'm not saying everyone's path to the beyond is like this. But witnessing his gave me hope that the death process can be, well, not so horrible.

Fortunately, Aimee seems to be on the path to recovery, not finality. But she still has a long way to go. It's heartening to know that, wherever she is right now, and whatever it is that's happening, it's deserving of a "woah" and a "this is amazing."

Do Aimee's words give you hope?

Image via AimeeCopeland.com

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