Pregnant Woman Set on Fire & Shot Miraculously Survives

lit matchIt sounds like a horror movie -- a pregnant woman kidnapped, set on fire, shot, and left for dead.

That's what happened to a nine-months-pregnant, 22-year-old woman in Warren, Michigan over Memorial Day weekend, who amazingly lived to tell the gruesome tale.

Police say the victim and her ex-boyfriend (also father of her unborn baby) had gone to a drive-in movie, and when she dropped him at his home, the terror allegedly began.


The pair pulled into the garage and got out the car. That's when she says another man grabbed her throat and put a gun to her head. Blindfolded, gagged, and hands and feet bound with duct tape, the mom-to-be was driven to a Detroit alley where she felt liquid being poured over her and heard the strike of a match before her body lit up in flames.

Dropping to the ground and rolling, she quickly put out the fire but her attacker then shot at her twice, hitting her once in the back. “She said she basically played dead and she thinks that’s what saved her because she heard the guy run away,” Police Commissioner Jere Green told The Detroit News.

Eventually able to wriggle out of the duct tape, the brutalized woman was able to drive to her mother's house and from there the two went to the hospital. Miraculously, she is doing well and an ultrasound revealed that the baby was not harmed. Since the attack, police have arrested her ex and another man and both are being held on attempted murder charges. 

It's a somewhat happy ending to what could have been an even more tragic story. I think back to Laci Peterson, who was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when her husband Scott Peterson killed her. And Rae Carruth was convicted of plotting to kill his pregnant girlfriend Cherica Adams, who died weeks after being shot four times.

This type of crime is more common than we want to believe. In fact murder is the leading cause of death for pregnant women, according to the National Organization for Women. It chills me to the bone to think of a woman living in fear or facing death during what should be one of the most special times in her life.

Were you shocked by this story?


Image via a askew/Flickr

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