Mermaids Are Real! (VIDEO)

If you don't believe in mermaids, you may want to think again. A piece that aired on Animal Planet called Mermaids: The Body Found discusses the possibility that mermaids may be real and even contains "footage" of one angry "mermaid" that allegedly washed up on a beach in Washington State.

It seems far-fetched, even insane, right? After all, mermaids are fictional creatures who exist only in fairy tales and seafaring legend, right? Maybe not. There is some scientific theory to the idea that mermaids could really exist.

I know, I know, but there really is. See below:


Pretty freaky, no? The fact is, there is an "aquatic ape" theory that follows our evolutionary trajectory, the idea being that some apes took to the sea rather than the land.

It's even plausible. Consider this:

  • Humans can hold our breath a very long time compared to any other species.
  • We are virtually hairless compared to other animals.
  • All cultures have some version of a mermaid legend.
  • Much of the deep sea remains unexplored.
  • It's a really super, super cool idea.

I have no idea if mermaids are real, but if they are, they aren't the beautiful sirens we imagine. That part we likely know. If the aquatic ape theory is right, then we are looking at some scary looking creatures, indeed. More monsters than Ariel. But still.

I believe. Or maybe I want to believe. Either way, the idea that there could be more out there we don't know yet is pretty exciting.

It's also probable and likely that there are parts of this planet we don't understand yet. How could we possibly have discovered life on other planets when there is still so much left on this planet to learn? I don't believe mermaids are what we think they are. But they could be real. Why not?

Do you believe in mermaids?

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