Tropical Storm Beryl Ruins Vacation Plans & We Should Get Used to It

My Rainy Vacay: Cancun, May 2012

Tropical Storm Beryl has been downgraded to a tropical depression, but that didn't save tens of thousands of people in Florida and Georgia from having their Memorial Day weekend plans ruined, not to mention their power knocked out.

Said Beryl victim Joyce Connolly to the Associated Press:

It definitely changed our vacation to unfortunate circumstances that we're not happy with, but you just have to live with it.

Oh, we'll have to live with it, all right. It was less than a week ago that Tropical Storm Alberto ran up along the East Coast, washing out another weekend. And Hurricane Season hasn't even started yet.


What's causing tropical storms and hurricanes over the Atlantic is warm water. And experts have warned that global warming is rising the temperatures of the seas, and that we should expect to see more intense and frequent hurricanes in the future. Of course, other experts have said that these two early warning shots shouldn't freak us out and we're on course for a "normal" hurricane season.

Yeah, I dunno. Seems like things are getting worse to me. It was only last year that New York and New England got hit with Hurricane Irene. It's rare for a hurricane of that severity to make it all the way up north. In fact, the last one was Hurricane Gloria, way back in 1985.

And it was only two weeks ago that I happened to be visiting the Caribbean when a siege of storms that eventually formed Alberto ravaged what was supposed to be my sunny vacation in Cancun. I was there, with a friend, for five days. Each and every day, it rained. One day, it rained so hard that raging rivers formed on the little streets in nearby Isla Mujeres, where we'd gone to snorkel (oh, we snorkeled all right -- on land!). The rivers formed because that kind of rain is so uncommon there that the streets have no drains. I asked several locals if they'd ever seen anything like it, and their uniform answer was "Never."

Now, there can be freak storms. There can even be years when there are freakishly more storms than usual. So maybe that is what's happening here. But combine all these early and intense storms with 100,000-year-old icecaps melting in the North Pole? Yeah, I'd say things are heating up a bit, wouldn't you?!

All I know is that for my next vacation, I'm going somewhere storms won't ruin my trip. Like Canada, ey?

Do you think global warming is causing more storms?


Image via Gerrilyn Sohn

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