'Devastated' Wife of Accused Etan Patz Killer Is Also a Victim

Pedro Hernandez's shocking confession that he killed 6-year-old Etan Patz in New York City 33 years ago may have cracked a case that has haunted parents and police officers for more than three decades, but it also ended the marriage of a woman who allegedly knew nothing of her husband's past. Rosemary Hernandez is the mother of their 23-year-old daughter and has been with her husband for decades, all the while thinking he was one kind of person.

Now she believes differently and she is said to be "devastated." No matter how heinous the alleged crimes Hernandez committed are, his wife and daughter are likely completely innocent and now their lives are forever marred by something he did at 19.

These kinds of crimes affect so many and often the person who pays the most for these crimes is the clueless wife and family. 


Whatever drove Hernandez to allegedly kill a 6-year-old child may never be known. None of us can probably even fathom that kind of rage and evil and certainly, as a mom, I am disgusted, furious and scared to know that there are strangers out there who would want to do my children harm for no reason at all.

It is scary and it is easy to wonder what kind of woman could not see that in her husband. A man capable of such an act has to be obvious, right? We have to be able to SEE the evil for it to make sense.

And yet, if Hernandez IS guilty, he has evaded police for 33 years. If he is convicted, the only reason he will pay is his own guilt. HE confessed. HE turned himself in. HE told people what he'd allegedly done. He may have even done so before and was dismissed.

In other words, evil people do not seem like what we might imagine. How could someone with any kind of remorse or feeling commit such an act? If he never said a word to his wife and he is the kind of man who feels remorse and cares about people, then why would she ever believe him capable of such a depraved act of random and unspeakable violence.

In New York City, two parents lost their child. There is no coming back from that and there is no doubt that the Patz family has been victimized more than any one. My heart -- and the heart of so many others -- goes out to them. But there are other "victims," too. Let's not blame the wife for missing the "signs" when so many other people did as well. Let's put the blame right where it belongs if and when there is a conviction.

Do you think the wife is a victim, too?



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