'Tropical Storm' Beryl Sounds An Awful Lot Like a Hurricane (VIDEO)

tropical storm berylSubtropical storm Beryl is bound to be a big bummer for Memorial Day BBQs along the Southeast Coast: Areas from from northeastern Florida to southern South Carolina are under a storm warning for the holiday weekend, with rain, powerful high tides and winds expected. Better move that grill inside!

Doesn't Beryl know hurricane season isn't supposed to officially start until June 1?

Not that a tropical or subtropical storm is the same thing as a hurricane, of course.

Um, but now that we're on the subject, what IS the difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm?


Here's the deal:

A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with wind speeds in excess of 74 mph. A tropical storm is a tropical cyclone with wind speeds between 39 mph and 73 mph. It has the same spiral shape but does NOT have the well defined eye of a hurricane.

Hmm, they don't necessarily sound all that different. I mean, there's a decent gap between 39 mph and 74 mph, but not 73 mph and 74 mph.

Hey, I'm no meteorologist. But I do know that soggy dogs and burgers are yucky.

Do you live on the Southeast Coast? Are you changing your Memorial Day weekend plans because of Beryl?